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Jack's Journal #3

David Green

Posted on July 05 2015

It's been a busy week here at the Mariner Jack Port. We've got a new beard mobile to allow us to take more stock to beard shows and competitions. It also allows us to get out and about more amongst our Stockists, there's a lot to be said for actually talking face to face and shaking someone's hand.

We have also ordered a fancypants new camera to upgrade our product photos! Looking forward to snapping away with that.

In other news, almost the entire range of Mariner jack clothing is being restocked this coming week! The classic tees, hoodies and also a brand new tshirt!

The license for the new beard soap we've been developing for several months has been submitted. Once that is confirmed then we'll be about 6 weeks from launching the first batch. This is real soap, not some watered down concoction. It has to cure and develop. Our Ambassadors have all said it's amazing. Unlike most soaps that dry out the skin and hair, this preserves those natural oils to deep condition the beard and the sensitive skin underneath. 

Speaking of licenses, this brings us on to the crux of this blog post. As beards have grown in popularity, many beard companies have sprung up to support them. Unfortunately, this is an issue. The basic requirement of selling in the EU requires something called a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR). A CPSR is a legal document stating that a product you are selling has been checked under lab conditions. This checks for any dangerous substances or harmful amounts of ingredients that are fine if used under directed threshold limits. Even if you are buying in a shampoo for example and re-bottling it under your brand, you still need one. 

We make all our products from scratch, we also have CPSR's for everything. Many do not! I must stress that many reputable companies like us have these too, I'm not trying to shout anyone out here.

Apologies for the long windedness, but what I'm getting at is that not many consumers understand that these rules are in place, and that they are in place for a reason. Trust the reputable companies. Check the websites and email them if you are not sure. Many will quite happily tell you they have them, some may even provide the proof. Some may not even respond, those are the ones you have to watch out for.

The basic fact of the matter is, a good product takes a lot of time and quite often a lot of money to develop to a high grade like ours. If something costs 30% of the price of something you know is good, there's a reason for that.

See you next time!