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Jack's Journal #8

David Green

Posted on November 09 2015

So for this blog post, we decided to tackle the delicate subject of pricing and quality. Recently we've had a couple of emails saying we need to drop our prices by at least 1/2 to get that emailer to buy our products. We just wanted to take the opportunity to explain that even if we wanted to, we couldn't do that.

Hand made products such as ours have taken over a year to develop and we're constantly working hard to develop new, different and interesting products to add to our range. Once we have the product recipes down, we need to have them legally tested in a lab to get a health and safety certificate. I won't go into costs but you can imagine that a fully extensive lab test isn't cheap.

Before all the tests though, we need to source all those finest ingredients we're always talking about. It's not a case of popping down to the supermarket and filling up a basket. If you want the best, you need to go hunting. The results of a successful hunt are ingredients coming in from different locations and suppliers all around the World. The sheer cost of these quality ingredients and multiple international shipping costs very quickly add up.

So, we have our base recipe, it's legally tested and the ingredients are top notch. We're not going to shove the product in some cheap tin and go for a beer! Where others use aluminium screw tins or plastic, we source thick amber glassware for our containers. We also use a local Cornish printer for all our labels, they may be more expensive than a big online company but you we can rely on great local service.

Regarding making the products themselves, big companies make products like shampoo etc by the gallon. Huge machinery churn out bottle after bottle and ship out to supply a mass market. No doubt they are proud of their work and that's fine. Every one has it's place in the market. Every oil and balm we sell is hand measured, hand blended and syringed into the containers. Those containers are hand labeled and hand sealed- you see where we're going with this, everything takes time and concentration.

This was just our way of showing you the reason our products aren't £3.00 for a 100ml bottle on an auction site. Just be aware that you can't make a great quality beard oil using cheap ingredients, you get what you pay for, it's as simple as that.

We hope you continue to use our products, we are always seeing return customers and fantastic reviews keep flowing in. In a niche market that is flooded with cheap alternatives to those that don't know any better, we are extremely proud to be in the top echelons of trusted and quality products.

Thank you to all those who have bought, and continue to buy our products. Your support of a small indi company means the world to us.