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Jack's Journal #9

David Green

Posted on November 30 2015

Hello all. Just a quick message regarding where our products are for sale. We've found one of our products for sale on eBay. This obviously is not for sale by us.
Judging from the image used, this is a very old bottle, one of the first by the looks of it. It may even be fake, we're looking into it now.
As Mariner Jack has grown, we are coming across cases like this that can in a way be taken as a compliment. However, we have always said we won't sell our products on eBay as we feel it cheapens a brand that many of you have come to cherish.
In closing, we strongly urge you to only buy our products from us or official stockists, as shown on the stockist map. That way you can guarantee you are getting the quality you have come to expect from our products.
Thanks for reading.
Mariner Jack