A huge thank you to all!

Back in 2014, I never dreamed I would be sat here writing this blog. Right at the start, this was never the plan, it was only meant to be a bit of fun really. Four years later and here we are, stockists all over the world and what many consider to be, one of the finest male brands going.

We’ve gone through massive changes since we first started. Branding being the obvious one. The amber glassware and vintage look was more out of necessity than anything else, truth is that it’s all we could afford at the time after paying out for all the health and safety tests. The tins we have now are definitely more we envisioned for the global premium brand that was developing.

We genuinely can’t thank everyone enough for their support. You’ve given us a business that we’re hugely proud of, a business that will continue to grow in so many ways. More on that soon :)

Thank you again,

Dave and Nat

Mariner Jack