From small acorns...

We've had many emails over the last few months about the changes we have made regarding packaging and the subsequent price increase on our products. I was replying to each individual email saying the same thing, it made sense to make a short blog post instead.

We started Mariner Jack back in 2014, never even dreaming it would reach the heights that it has. Seriously, we all know that if you want to get somewhere then you have to work hard, that's what we did. For some reason though, it still came as a shock when we realised that this little beard product business wouldn't stay a side hobby for long.

Product quality has always been our number one priority, unfortunately to the detriment of packaging quality. Many loved the old amber glass jars and rustic labels, but truth be told, we were never 100% happy with them. They were the best we could afford at the time and my rusty 10 year old design diploma only went so far.

At the beginning of 2017, we decided we were making the sales and had a good enough name to justify the enormous expense of a custom packaging range. It's not as simple as googling a company, saying you want this on a tin and they magically appear. There's designer meetings, factory meetings, importer meetings etc, more than once I thought 'screw this' we'll just upgrade our current style. That's not the Mariner Jack way though.

Perseverance paid off in September when our first order of 9000 tins arrived in the UK. The photo in the cover of this blog is me standing in front of the pallet, probably one of the proudest moments among many I've had since starting the company. Next up the glass bottles arrived, hand sprayed in the UK and absolutely flawless in quality.

Quality has always, and always will come at a premium. Averagely per unit, packaging costs have gone up by 750%! Crazy I know but that's what quality costs to us. Everyone thinks we're this massive company with all the trappings that come with that, we're really not. It's still me and Nat working out of our dining room, moaning about lack of space whilst trying to keep up with the orders list.

So we finally had a fantastic packaging to match the unique quality of our products, all is right with the world surely? Unfortunately not, natural ingredients are for the most part, a commodity much like wheat or sugar. Most are bought direct from source to get the best quality product we possibly can, although since the Brexit vote and the slip of the pound value we had to shoulder a huge increase in production cost.

As mentioned we're small, we don't have the order quantity or punch to negotiate a better rate so we had to increase pricing purely to help combat that. Percentage wise, we don't actually make any more per unit than we did before. What was the point I hear you say?

Behind the company face of Mariner Jack is two people at its core. Sure we have friends and family for support but essentially it's a husband and wife team who want to make these products the best they can possibly be. No shortcuts, no skipping out when the work gets a little heavy. We now have a product range we can't find fault in, that to me makes the (too many) evenings leaning over a mac keyboard worth it.

The point of this blog was about product cost. Hopefully after reading this you understand why we are classed as a premium brand.