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Jack's Journal #14 - Manly Men

Posted on August 16 2016

So it's been a while since our last blog update, apologies to our loyal readers for the lack of recent content. If you follow us on social media you will see we've been very busy working on new products and attending beard competitions etc.

As a break from the norm, we wanted to write something of relevant substance. Whilst beards are certainly still firmly in the eye of mainstream fashion and show no sign of a shaving revolution on the horizon, there seems to be a dramatic increase in memes and posts basically saying if you don't have a beard, you're somehow less of a man.

I call bullpies!

A beard does not make the man, no doubt they add a certain air of 'manliness' but to witness some companies making blatant memes that make out 'shavers' are less of a man and in some cases making homophobic remarks is downright wrong. What makes it worse is to cover these remarks in a thin veil of 'banter' to get those Facebook likes up and promote their products.

We do occasionally post 'tasteful' and sometimes humorous memes to help promote our products but ultimately rely on the product quality and the reputation we have built to carry us forward. Don't fall into the trap of the cheap laugh for sales sake, there's usually a reason they would need to make such a post in the first place.


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