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Jack's Journal #15

David Green

Posted on May 16 2017

Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that we were barrelling through Christmas orders! 
It's been a hugely busy start to the year for us here at Mariner Jack. We came into the year with a list of goals and plans to hit before June, we're going to slightly overshoot that date goal unfortunately. On the flip side though, we know that the extra time has made everything that little bit more special. 
So what's happening? Only a complete revamp of Mariner Jack! As many of you know, we founded Mariner Jack as a hobby on a few quid. We never even dared to dream it would reach the heights it now has with customers worldwide. 
We always wanted to do things slightly different to what we have done. Packaging was a big thing. Truth be told, we could never afford a professional designer or anything like that. Not to mention not having the money and customer base to meet even the minimum orders for custom packaging.
We have got there though, through your loyal support, spreading the brand name and gaining footholds in new countries. We have a complete custom range of packaging coming in that hopefully should be out in a couple of months!
We're also streamlining things back of house, dropping some of the lesser selling lines and replacing some others. This is not done light heartedly, we still work from home and space is a premium in any Cornish cottage! 
We also have custom hair and other products coming in. Personally, I'm particularly excited about an old school hair tonic in the Tortuga scent :)
This is all thanks to you guys and girls, we genuinely can't thank you enough for helping us live our dream. It allows us to work together after years of separate retail jobs. You all mean the world to us, your support when buying our products allows us to carry on with this journey. 
Thank you ✌🏻♥️
Dave and Nat
Mariner Jack