Make time for the little things

As Mariner Jack has grown exponentially over the last few years, I often find it hard to define where 'Dave' (me) ends and Mariner Jack begins. Running a popular growing business is all encompassing, it occupies every thought and manages to shoehorn itself into every conversation. I'm a right hoot at parties!

It's tacky I know but my New Years resolution was to set aside time for me. Not baths with candles and whale music, more like little things each day I used to enjoy without even realising it.

In my case it's making coffee. Simple, good quality black coffee. With admin coming out my ears and a crafting list as long as my arm, I found myself reaching for the jar of instant more and more over the clever brewer or aeropress.

I should state that before Mariner Jack took off, coffee was my life. I worked in coffee chains, artisan coffee shops and even roasted beans in a local micro roastery. Then I had to switch and concentrate on this little beard product business I had started 2 years before. Short version is that I loved making and teaching people that coffee is more than a jar of instant on the supermarket shelf.

I chucked the instant in the bin and got a bag of beautiful Tanzanian coffee beans, dusted the coffee grinder off and bought some new filters for the clever brewer.

It sounds like a right pain compared to opening the jar but that's the point. Making a coffee now takes 4 minutes, 3 of those I can write a facebook post or edit a photo. I have something infinitely better than an instant coffee and it makes me happy, resets the stress meter and allows me to crack on.

The point of this post is to tell you to calm down. Allow time for you to be you and don't let whatever it is in your life that consumes you to do just that.

Start with a simple cup of coffee.



Just throwing up some links to some great entry equipment to the wonderful world of non instant coffee.

Clever Dripper and Filters (also a great coffee selection):

My favourite coffee at the moment: