New Shipping Rates!

We want as many people as possible to experience the quality of our products. Unfortunately, shipping costs are usually a sticking point that stops you purchasing a product. I do the same when online shopping, especially if you have to enter loads of details to find out a shipping cost, see ya!

So, being the proactive sort that we are, we've looked at our own shipping options and come up with a solution. We've juggled our shipping options so most of our products are roughly 70% cheaper to ship than before! 

We've also added a shipping calculator to quickly see the shipping cost of your cart without having to input all of your shipping information, just a postcode.

When starting out, we used heavy amber glassware that had to be protected in transit. However, our new tins for balms and waxes are more sturdy. Crucially though, they are thin enough to be posted as a large letter whilst still being protected. This means you can now get a small balm or wax shipped for only 99p instead of £2.85!

We're rolling this out across the board, starting in the UK and then offering the same to our International friends.

Tags: Postage, Shipping