Product Guides

Beard oils and balms are the perfect way to accentuate your beard and moustache to epic levels. However, if you don't know how to use them then you won't get the best results our products can achieve. Here is just a quick guide on how to get the best from our products....

Beard Oil

Beard oil is an amazing weapon in the fight against bad beards! It is full of essential nutrients and vitamins your beard can feast on. You may be tempted to slather it on and think you are doing good, but you can put on too much though and have an amazingly soft but greasy beard, and that's never a good thing. Our blends use only the finest oils, you don't need much to get the great beard you're after. Show restraint, a few drops is all you need.
Drop guide...
  • Stubble: 1-2 drops
  • Short beard: 3-4 drops
  • Longer beard 4-6 drops
  • Large beard 7-8 drops
  • Full on Captain beard: 8+ drops

This is of course a rough guide, to be used to give you a basic idea without chucking on half a bottle! Experiment and you'll quickly know how much to use on your pride and joy.

Simply dispense the required amount into the palm of your hands and rub into both to get a thin layer of oil across both palms and the fingers.

Slide fingers over and through the beard and moustache - don't forget the moustache! Make sure you disperse oil evenly on the surface and throughout your beard.

Next up, grab a comb (preferably an anti static, specialist beard comb) and get the teeth right in and through the hair. Get the teeth into contact with the skin to get those cracking oils down to where they can do good.

When you're done, style to shape.

Beard Balm

Beard Balm is the underdog of the beard care world, it has so much to give and so little people know about it. Jam packed with indulgent Argan and Jojoba oils, this leave-in conditioner treats your beard like royalty.
Balm is perfect if, like me, you have a medium-to-long beard you want to manage and style with shape. Again, premium ingredients mean a little goes a long way. All you need is a small amount to get the desired effect.
First time you use it, scrape out a pea sized amount and transfer to the palm of your hand. When you've used it a couple of times you'll get to know what amount is good for your length.
Just like the oil, rub between the hands to form an oily layer. This product contains a small amount of organic beeswax for natural styling, so warm it up like you would your hands on a cold day. 
Apply to your beard. Run hands over and through the hair until product is evenly dispersed. If time allows, leave for a minute to settle and bed into the hair shafts and follicles. Then it's a case of styling to shape. I use a combination of patting the hair, combing with a traditional wide-tooth beard comb and using an oval military brush to finish. This product isn't designed to make crazy, pointy or outrageous styles. It's designed to make your beard appear fuller and have a light hold to create a definable beard line. It isn't like hair gel, it wont harden and create rock hard styles. It softens the hair and makes an average beard an epic beard!
Beard Soap Blocks
Our hand crafted beard soap blocks are just the thing for keeping your beard clean and conditioned. All it takes is a couple of swipes over a damp beard with a wet soap block and lather up with your hands. You'll instantly notice your hair has more grip than when you wash it using shampoo designed for head hair. This is because our soap blocks don't contain any silicones or plastics that are in shampoo.

You can also use these soap blocks for shaving, lather a slither of soap in a shaving bowl with a traditional shaving brush and apply to face.

Beard Wash

Mariner Jack Beard Wash is specially developed to deeply cleanse your beard without the harsh chemicals often found in shampoos. Use as you would a shampoo though, just not as much. One pump from the bottle is normally enough.