• Mariner Jack Ltd Mariner Jack Neck Gaiter/Face Covering SMALL PAISLEY

Mariner Jack Neck Gaiter/Face Covering SMALL PAISLEY

Due to demand, we've added beard friendly neck gaiters with our signature paisley.

Requested by some of our crewmates, we have our paisley pattern in a smaller/tighter pattern.

A blend of moisture-wicking polyester and spandex allows the material to sit over the nose and cover the mouth and beard. Essential with current laws requiring face coverings in shops and supermarkets.

Crafted from 180gsm material and stitched top and bottom to ensure no pulls or snags, these arent your standard cut polyester covering. 

SIZE: 23.5cm x 45cm ONE SIZE FITS ALL

Disclaimer: This neck gaiter is not proven to stop you from contracting any viruses, illnesses, or diseases and/or passing any viruses, illnesses, or diseases onto anyone else.