Odyssey Beard Balm Sample - 10ml - Warm and Fruity

Embark on an olfactory adventure with Odyssey Beard Balm. Crafted with organic beeswax, unrefined shea butter, argan oil, sweet almond oil, and golden jojoba oil, this natural beard balm offers exceptional care for your facial hair.

Odyssey Beard Balm features a captivating scent profile that combines the invigorating notes of bergamot and cypress with the warm and spicy aroma of clove. As you apply the balm, the uplifting citrusy essence of bergamot revitalises your senses, while the woody undertones of cypress create a sense of tranquility. The subtle touch of clove adds a delightful spicy element, enhancing the overall complexity of the fragrance. A hint of verbena imparts a refreshing and fruity twist, adding a touch of vibrancy to the scent.

But what exactly is beard balm? It is a versatile grooming product designed to nourish, condition, and style your beard. Odyssey Beard Balm, enriched with organic oils and butters, provides deep hydration and moisturisation to your facial hair, combating dryness, itchiness, and brittle strands. The blend of natural ingredients promotes a healthy beard growth journey, leaving your beard irresistibly soft, manageable, and luxuriously smooth.

Furthermore, this beard balm offers excellent styling capabilities. It provides a light to medium hold, allowing you to shape and sculpt your beard according to your desired style. Tame unruly hairs, control frizz, and achieve a well-groomed appearance effortlessly. Odyssey Beard Balm empowers you to showcase a beard that exudes confidence and sophistication.

By using Odyssey Beard Balm, you address common beard-related concerns and elevate your grooming routine. It nourishes and moisturises your beard, while also providing styling benefits. Say goodbye to dry, unruly facial hair and welcome a well-maintained, distinguished look.

Embark on a scented journey with Odyssey Beard Balm. Let the captivating blend of bergamot, cypress, clove, and verbena transport you to new realms of beard care excellence. Experience the nourishing and styling benefits of this natural, organic beard balm, and unlock a world of extraordinary beard grooming.

Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii butter, Cera alba, Argania spinosa kernal oil, Prunus amygdalus dulcis seed oil, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, Parfum, Tocopherol, Benzyl benzoate, Cinnamyl alcohol, Citral, Coumarin, Eugenol, Geraniol, Linalool, alpha-iso-Methylionone, Limonene. WARNING: CONTAINS NUT OILS.

Directions For Use

Start with a pea-sized amount, adjusting as needed based on your beard length. Warm the balm between your palms to activate the organic beeswax, which provides natural styling properties. Apply to your beard, running your hands through the hair to evenly distribute the product. If time permits, allow it to settle and penetrate the hair shafts and follicles for a minute before styling. You can use a combination of patting, combing with a wide-tooth beard comb, and using an oval military brush to achieve your desired look.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Owen Anthony
Wonderful woody scent.

A warm woody scented balm which made my beard and the face under it soft, warm and feeling cared for.

Daniel C.
Another classic from Mariner Jack.

One of my favourite balms from the team at Mariner Jack. Always the highest quality, long lasting scents and service that is second to none!

e thomas
Best beard product

Cute little tin !

Mark H.
in my top 3 Mariner Jack Beard scents

I bought a bunch of these sample-size tins as a way of exploring the scents of a lot of the Mariner Jack range I'd not tried before - I have been using Mariner Jack "Captain's Charge" Beard Oil and Beard Balm for a few years and it is my favourite scent by far, I also like "Newfoundland" a lot, but I wanted at least one other option, and "Odyssey" is easily the winner for me. It has a very clean soft and 'open' scent, it has none of the cloying notes of things like amber, or vanilla, which can work well in some blends, "Odyssey" is light and clean, it isn't overpowering, but calming and relaxing, it reminds me of a slightly old-fashioned scent that I associate with soaps/fragrances from my grandparents era, and that is personally very appealing. I will definitely be ordering the Odyssey Beard Oil and a normal sized tin of the balm too.